Free Form Factory

In 1992

Free Form Factory became the first business in Jamaica to manufacture bean bags when it began supplying soft furniture to its sister company, Curved Space Limited. Ten years later, Free Form moved into the production of expandable polystyrene (EPS), a lightweight plastic made up of small, interconnected beads, and the base material used to fill bean bags.

Since then, the company has entered the construction industry, utilizing a cost-effective, EPS building system, and providing EPS materials for property development and road rehabilitation.

Today, Free Form Factory offers its clientele a wide range of EPS products, including decorative mouldings, artistic works, coolers and insulation.

Curved Space Limited

In 1982

Curved Space began selling contemporary furniture. A decade later, in partnership with its sister company, Free Form Factory, the organization became the first Jamaican business to retail bean bags.

Over the years, Curved Space has supplied bean bags to a number of local hotels, such as Franklyn D Resort, and home decor stores, including LP Azar Limited. As part of its ongoing effort to give back to the community, Curved Space has also donated bean bags to libraries and children’s homes across the island.

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