• We always consider the feelings and rights of others.
  • We greet people using their name.
  • We always speak positive of our team members, the customers and the company in both public and private.


  • We are responsible for and will justify our actions and decision.
  • We are responsible for the outcome of what we do.


  • We will display honesty at all times and will do the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching. We acknowledge when we are wrong acknowledge to do better.
  • What we promise is what we deliver


  • We are deliberate in sharing and exchanging information and ideas.
  • We never listen to profanity, sarcasm, or gossip.


  • We abide by safety rules and will not expose ourselves or others to risk.
  • Safety is no accident.


  • We will follow procedures and policies at all times.
  • We take actions based on policies not personally.


  • We have an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness.
  • We celebrate with others when they win.
  • We say thank you and show appreciation.


  • We believe in the combined effective action of ever team member.
  • We are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve team goals.
  • We focus on cooperation and always come to a resolution.
  • We are flexible in our work and able to change if what we are doing is wrong.


  • We aim to be outstanding and extremely good in what we do.
  • We deliver products of exceptional quality that add value to all involved.


  • We believe in accomplishing our aims and objectives and achieving our purpose.
  • At all times we display pride, prosperity, competence and personal confidence.