Frequently asked questions

1Is the Concre-Panel Building System hurricane and earthquake resistant?
Our concre-panel structures can withstand 250 km/h winds and magnitude 5 earthquakes.
2What are the sizes of your EPS sheets?
The dimensions for our sheets are 8 feet X 4 feet, with thickness ranging from ½ inch up to 36 inches.
3Can I save money using the Concre-Panel Building System versus traditional building methods?
Since the Concre-Panel System requires less time to complete projects than traditional building methods, construction costs for concre-panel structures are generally lower.
4Can I use funding from the National Housing Trust (NHT) to build with the Concre-Panel System?
Yes, financing is available through the National Housing Trust.
5Can Free Form provide EPS in specific shapes and sizes?
We can sculpt EPS to fit the varying needs of our clients. In the past, we have provided custom-made pieces to decorators, event planners and marketers.
6What types of mouldings are sold by Free Form?
Our company supplies crown, window and door mouldings as well as parapets and mid-bands. We also offer a wide range of custom mouldings.
7Does Free Form install mouldings?
Our team can quickly and efficiently install mouldings to beautify your commercial space or residential property.