We manufactures products using EPS foam that reflect the versatility of the material. These include:

An innovative, affordable insulated concrete-panel building system ideal for tropical conditions. Insulation of roofs and walls. Cladding of walls to address deteriorating surfaces. Sound proofing. Construction of internal and external walls and perimeter fences. Beautiful architectural mouldings for internal and external use that enhance the aesthetics of any space. Geofoam for engineering geotechnical solutions for roads and other surfaces. Foam for artistic and decorative works.




EPS Applications

Roof Insulation
As buildings absorb heat from the sun, roofs insulated with EPS panels can help to dramatically reduce heat in-take and significantly lower indoor temperatures.

Cold Rooms
With its effective insulating properties, EPS panels are ideal for the construction of cold rooms, which require strict temperature controls.

Pipe Insulation
When used for pipe insulation, EPS assists with condensation control, which is essential for preventing corrosion, offers protection against extreme temperatures, and reduces noise that can be transferred along pipelines.



The insulated concrete building system replaces traditional concrete blocks with EPS panels inserted between steel and concrete. Use of the building system has become increasingly popular amongst contractors worldwide and it has even been tapped for rebuilding efforts in Haiti following its devastating earthquake.


Lightweight Decking is a construction methodology that uses EPS in roofs and floors that provide benefits such as reduction in weight of the building and, mortar mixture as well as reduced temperature.

This construction methodology has been utilized in the construction of many of the hotels in Jamaica such as RIU hotels, Iberostar, Bahia Principe, amongst others. All the EPS used in these hotels was supplied by Free Form Factory.

A lightweight engineered void fill material made from Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) foam, that is an environmentally friendly alternative to other fill materials such as soils, marl, etc..

Replace text to: EIFS is an integrated system that delivers the best in Durability, Sustainability and Design Flexibility.

It integrates 3 proven components – a continuous waterproof air barrier, exterior insulation and a variety of texture finish options – into a superior, sustainable wall cladding unlike any other.

Lightweight concrete consisting of EPS beads, cement, sand and other additives, offers practical solutions for special construction needs, including the renovation of floors in older buildings, which require a reduced weight load. For this lightweight blend, EPS beads replace stone, which is generally used in a conventional concrete mix. This innovative concrete is less expensive than conventional concrete and is also environmentally friendly as its EPS beads usually include recycled material.

Free Form Factory offers a complete line of custom Architectural EPS building components, utilizing a unique polystyrene substrate (EPS) as the architectural core. From very simple to very ornate mouldings you’ll marvel at the low cost and ease of installation either for interior or exterior applications.

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Due to advance technology EPS has found a place in the creative industry, for floral arrangements and the artistic world replacing traditionally used materials such as wood, clay, etc. Whilst still providing detail on intricate carvings and cut outs..